Welcome to our first of four posts on how the services at Preferred Personnel Africa (PPA) came to be.

Recruitment was the first full scale service that we offered at PPA but how did we get started?

While our founder, Rose, was working in the personnel department at a bank, she recognized a gap. Roles in the bank such as customer service officers and tellers that we would today consider as ‘entry level’ were being performed by people with several years’ experience.

HR Departments used to be called Personnel Departments.

Our Founder, Rose Musau

She believed that these roles could be performed by young people trying to break into the job market to build their careers and future.

After a brief stint abroad, working at a temping agency in the U.S., she saw the blueprint of how she could approach recruitment and returned to Kenya in 1995 and established PPA. Localizing some of the concepts, she was able to convince the management at her old employer to recruit graduates for the ‘entry level’ positions and, with support from the bank, was able to place the first class of graduate clerks in the bank’s history!

The success of this first recruitment saw PPA grow through word of mouth. Our founder’s original business plan of helping young professionals breaking into the workplace had to expand as businesses recognised that our founder had the ‘recruiter’s touch’;

The Recruiter’s Touch is the ability to;

  1. Recognize the gap in a business’ current situation and its desired outcomes.
  2. Navigate through various recruitment channels to gather a pool of talent to interview in a shorter period of time than the industry standard.
  3. Identify the right talent from the pool to meet a business’ current and future needs.

The principles of the ‘recruiter’s touch’ developed by Rose are the same recruiting principles we follow today – 25+ years later.

Preferred Personnel’s first office location, the Nairobi Baptist Church. Our old offices can still be found below the structure in the image above. Credit for the image – David Scott


We do not attribute our success solely on our ability to identify and recruit the right staff, but on the clients that have supported us to this point. We worked with the right people in those businesses who recognised our value. It’s the reason why our motto is what it is, ‘the right staff…for the right people’.


Recruitment as a business has changed monumentally over the 25+ years we have been practicing it. However, we believe that its principles never will; where there is a need, there is a person that can serve it with their skills, experience and unique perspectives, and we can help you find them.

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