Recruit with Preferred Personnel Africa.

With 25+ years’ experience, we offer a seasoned approach to corporate staffing in Kenya and across East Africa to help make your hiring practices timelier and more cost-effective.

Regardless of the position in an organization’s hierarchical structure, we look to present our clients with a shortlist of suitable candidates within a two-week period.

We can commit to quality recruitment because we leverage on:

Our Networks

We have professionals that occupy positions across all industries that give insight on what a strong candidate in their field looks like.

Our Platforms

We use various recruitment tools to reach candidates far and wide.

Accelerate your business growth with the right talent. Preferred Personnel Africa, a talent recruitment in Kenya, specializes in helping businesses acquire the perfect workforce. Contact us today for unparalleled recruitment solutions.

Our interview process

We have streamlined our interview process to make sure we are using time most effectively.


We look to deliver your ideal candidate taking into consideration your organization’s people pain points, culture and the industry you operate in.

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