Personalized coaching to help you grow your career.

PPA career guidance program helps you accelerate your profession success with real-time, personalized feedback from our recruitment team on your presentation in an interview. We invite you to join our talent pool and become a potential candidate for our next recruitment placement.

career guidance

Candidate Assesment

A candidate assessment session with us is a conversation with our recruitment panel that looks to offer you:

Presentation advice

Learn your areas of improvement in the overall way that you present yourself to the interviewer and what improvements can be made on your CV.

Career advice

Discuss your career goals and trajectory, how you as a candidate presently fit into that plan and where you could focus your professional energy to get closer to those goals.

In addition, we are constantly on the lookout for professionals to be part of our talent pool and nodes to our network. Once you go through the assessment, you become an important addition to that network that we often return to when clients approach us for recruitments.

How to register.

  1. Send your CV to You should expect a response in 2 working days.
  2. Complete the aptitude test that you receive from the PPA team.
  3. An interview will be scheduled with our recruitment team.

Interview coaching

Do you want to brush up on your interview skills? PPA is the place for you. Our interview coaching session gives you a chance to have an interview-style conversation with our recruiters and get some personalized feedback and advice on how best to pitch yourself to an interviewer. This is ideal for candidates who already have a job description in mind to get the most out of the session.

To sign up for an interview coaching session send an email to and someone from our team will get back to you.

Generic Interviews questions:

Typical questions that come up in majority of interviews.

Technical Interview Questions:

Questions that are tailored to your current field of interest or future career paths you would like to follow.

Interview Etiquette:

The DOs and DON'Ts within an Interview

Post Interview Questions:

Your opportunity to give us feedback on how we can further improve our service.
career guidance

Please note that participating in either of these services does not guarantee you of a job with us or any of our clients.

Career Guidance Insights

Career guidance case studies.