By Leigh-Ann Athanasius

Develop a holistic recognition programme

  • Factors in multilevel recognition – this is one where the praise is not only top-down but also incorporates peer recognition.
  • Can be integrated into existing office systems – employees are likely to buy in to the recognition programme if it is one that is easy to integrate into their everyday work process. This is especially true if you are using an external platform to manage the recognition and rewards system.
  • Has customised rewards – Don’t assume one size fits all when it comes reward selection. It is best to understand what incentives work best for the different employees or have a selection of rewards that employees can choose from so that they feel most appreciated.

Encourage limitless recognition

Public recognition

Monetary gifts

  • Gift cards and vouchers – Going the gift card/voucher route also enables guilt-free spending for the employee. Since the reward is not literal cash, they have to spend it ‘treating’ themselves rather than on a more practical use which could end up not feeling like it was reward at all.
  • Experiences – these can be like tickets to a sports game/movie/play etc, a bucket-list item or even a trip out of town
  • Physical items – These can include customised stationary, hampers, appliances, subscription boxes etc.

Professional growth opportunities

Extra days off

How to run your rewards programme effectively

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