Welcome to our last of four posts on how the services at Preferred Personnel Africa (PPA) came to be

As we interview thousands of job seekers from diverse working backgrounds, one thing is clear, a lot of people struggle to present themselves in interviews. However, the way the majority of interviews and recruitment processes in general are designed, it is difficult to offer a candidate real-time feedback that could help them.

It took the initiative of one of our employees at the time (Wanjiku Kiarie) and the support of her colleagues to develop a service to help job seekers.

The concept is simple, but the execution is key. Our interview coaching sessions are designed to be low pressure and in a Q&A format, where job seekers can get real-time feedback on every response they give and how they can improve them.

Interview coaching has been a great eye opener not only to the job seekers we have helped, but to ourselves as recruiters. As recruiters, we recognize the importance of offering our coaching sessions to save job seekers years of heartache in their job hunts. As we highlighted in the previous post, job markets are increasingly competitive, not only from other job seekers, but from technology as well! Our interview coaching focuses on bringing out the most unique aspects of a job seeker – themselves. We emphasize that in an interview, you have been invited to sell you and not a version of you. We encourage job seekers to bring out their unique stories and not fixate on trying to offer ‘cookie cutter’ responses. 

If you are interested in learning more about or booking an interview coaching session, click here.

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