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The client was one we had worked with in the past, a specialist technology distributor, their needs when it comes to their sales staff are not typical. Working within the technology space, which is incredibly competitive, it is important that their sales team are highly motivated, dialed into their client needs and can chase down and maintain relationships with their clientele.

Case Study Detail

The Recruitment Challenge

Tech industry HR staffing

The biggest mistake we as PPA could have made was assuming that we understood the client’s current needs based off of our previous experience with them. As they had been trying to recruit someone to the Sales Manager position for 6+ months, it was important that we understood:

The current performance of their sales team.

The part the ideal candidate played was a person who was going to be a part of what the business would be moving forward.

The targets that the ideal candidate needed to meet in the immediate future

We had a meeting with the hiring managers to discuss all of the above and more, with the expectations that the individual they were looking for would need to be headhunted. Using a combination of candidates sourced through our current database and networks, as well as reaching out to new candidates using LinkedIn, we were able to pull together a pool of candidates who had the right experience. Our interview questions were focused on identifying whether the candidates could tangibly display the three key skills needed for the position.

The Outcome

The process that had taken them 6+ months with no results was resolved in 3 months from initial contact to the candidate reporting into work.

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