By Leigh-Ann Athanasius

Running a business can be frightening. There are several things that you need to keep in mind to ensure its success and that gets further complicated when you have to factor in people. Starting from the very beginning with sifting through hundreds of CVs to narrow down to the right few to interview –  the whole process can feel daunting and time consuming. How would you attract the right people?

Once you’ve been through all the applicants and you’ve hired the new employee(s), you can rest easy. But then the next nightmare quickly creeps up on you. It’s time to manage all the records and get through the everyday administration of managing staff;  this can get quite tedious.

But your business has an admin system that works pretty well. Admin isn’t all that much of an issue for you – that’s great! Until someone comes along and throws a spanner in the works of your well oiled machine, and you suddenly have something else keeping you up. Legislation can change seemingly at the drop of a hat. Not only would you need to keep employees abreast of these changes, you would also need to keep track of them and implement them as efficiently as possible. 

You may feel that everything is under control, until you experience the greatest staffing nightmare – disciplinary procedures. The implications of not executing disciplinary procedures in a judicious and fair manner can be catastrophic! It can sometimes be tricky when sorting out disciplinary issues and making sure that the process remains objective. 

Your core business isn’t necessarily focused on dealing with these issues but these are the types of issues that can put you out of business. Having the right staffing partner can help you avoid these, and any other, nightmare situations. At Preferred Personnel Africa (PPA), our 28+ years of experience has seen us engage with a multitude of companies at various stages in their operations. This has given us the tools to address and best support your company’s success from Recruitment to Outsourcing and our HR solutions/advisory services. You can rest easy with us.

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