As we round up the year, we thought it was fitting to look back at 2023 and highlight some of the major events that happened at PPA. So, let’s look back together…

The Team

There were quite a few changes to the PPA HQ team this year. We had five new people join us throughout the course of the year. Each bringing a different strength to the team. This also resulted in PPA having the largest team it has had in quite a few years. However, as with every new beginning, there must be an ending. This saw us saying goodbye to three members of the team as they went on to pursue different opportunities.  

Staff turnover doesn’t need to always be seen as a negative thing. As long as the working relationship ends amicably, it can be an opportunity for both the organisation and the employee. For example, in our case, where we ‘lost’ a full-time employee, we were able to keep him on in a consultation capacity.  

We also want to celebrate the achievements of Lilian (Human Resources Officer) and Hope (HR and Finance Assistant), who got their CHRP-K certifications this year. It is not only an incredible personal achievement for them, but also a valuable asset for PPA as the skills and qualifications of the team improve. Congratulations to them both on their graduation!  

Team Building Event

Earlier in the year, we went on a team building excursion to The Forest. It was a great experience as we had to work together, brought out the competitive side that we had yet to see in the team and gave the opportunity to bond outside the working environment. This could easily be one of the greatest highlights of the year.


Around June/July, we went through an interesting experience with our LinkedIn pages. You can get the full rundown here but the gist of it was that our profile was shut down this year which means that we lost our following and connections and the content that we had been posting over the years. This left us in the virtual dark over a month.

However, we are happy to report that we are back online! In case you missed it, our LinkedIn page is active again and we would really appreciate it if you would follow us to stay up to date on all things PPA and HR, as well as have a more casual way to communicate with us. We love hearing your feedback and any questions you may have. 

A National Athlete Among Us!

PPA has the unique honour of saying that we have the Kenya National Women’s Hockey Team Captain working with us. Lynne Tamunai valiantly led the national team through the 2024 Olympic qualifier games in South Africa in October. They placed 3rd among seven other African countries. We are incredibly proud of their achievement and are thrilled to see excellence being displayed both in the office and out!

Wedding Bells

2023 had wedding bells ringing at PPA – we had two engagements during the year. 

Congratulations to our Finance Assistant, Hope, and her fiancé who got engaged earlier this year; and most recently, to our Director, JD, who proposed to his now fiancée last month!  

We look forward to all the exciting wedding plans next year. 


We have some big plans for 2024. We plan to make a few changes that will bring new opportunities and growth. We hope to establish new collaborations and partnerships to grow our client base. And as always, we stive to do so with the level of excellence that we have been known for.   

Thank you for coming along the journey through this year and we hope you’ll join us for 2024!  

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