Welcome to our second of four posts on how the services at Preferred Personnel Africa (PPA) came to be.


After about 8 years of recruiting, PPA was approached with a new challenge that would launch the business into a new phase. Though we had not dabbled in outsourcing before, there was a sense of trust built from the quality of talent and service delivery that our clients saw as transferable skills.

Being presented with the opportunity, Rose (our founder) got on a plane and travelled to the U.S to gain further knowledge on what it would take to establish an outsourcing function in PPA. Returning from her trip, she scaled out the function within the business.

If you want to read up more on the details of our first venture into outsourcing and what we learnt from it, check out this case study here.

Why did we pursue outsourcing?

It was easy to familiarize with the legalities of outsourcing as we had already been in
the HR industry for a few years – and with that, we began outsourcing as a core service offered at PPA.

With over 15 years of outsourcing experience under our belt, we have our outsourcing model almost down to a science. We manage everything from onboarding to payroll to off-boarding, to make our client’s HR functions as efficient as possible. We aim to ensure that not only our clients are supported but so are all our outsourced staff.

In a post pandemic world as everyone tries to navigate the ‘new normal’, outsourcing practices also need to adapt. We are looking to come up with outsourcing models that will accommodate work-from-home and hybrid work environments.

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