Partnership and building a corporate culture – Finance Industry HR Outsourcing

Preferred Personnel Africa helped develop the bank's policies, processes, and procedures for managing customer-facing staff. The bank emphasized the importance of these resources in shaping their overall customer proposition and stressed the need for the staff to embody their brand values: polished, intelligent, and committed to providing the best service to customers.

Case Study Detail

The Challenge

Finance Industry HR Outsourcing

It was in this spirit that, working in proximity with the Bank’s HR team, PPA worked to define the framework of what the ideal employee would look, sound and think like. Once this framework was established, PPA was responsible for:


Of the entire front-facing team, with support from the bank’s HR Team.


Which included us taking the staff through a mandatory, two-day operations and customer service training designed with the Bank’s HR team and assignment to the staff’s respective branches.


Staff would be taken through an annual, soft skills training that would focus on key skills utilized in their work, irrespective of their positions.

HR Support

Provided support to the Bank’s HR team in the day-to-day management of staff.

What we learnt

Our experience with the Bank was one of the most rewarding but equally challenging relationships that we have had as PPA. Three key lessons that we learnt from our relationship with the finance industry were:

The importance of an identifiable, tangible culture

As a client, the bank never offered ‘lip service’; they meant what they said and that was clear throughout our relationship with them. The bank’s entire culture was based on serving the customer and as their outsourcing provider, it gave us clarity throughout the outsource staff lifecycle about what the expectations were of ourselves, our staff and the bank. Even during the difficult periods, the ethos of the business carried through.

Ability to rapidly mobilize and onboard resources

At the onset of our relationship, the Bank asked us to recruit and onboard 200+ staff for their various branches within a period of two weeks. This challenge helped us hone our entire recruitment and onboarding process to be as concise as possible, without compromising on quality.

Having a client that cares makes our job easier

The bank cares about all their staff. It was present in all our interactions with them as they took an active interest in our management of the staff, being careful to provide as much support as they could, while focusing on their internal projects.